Did You Know That It’s Completely Safe To Take Cash For Test Strips?


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Did You Know That It’s Completely Safe To Take Cash For Test Strips?

americanmedsur December 28, 2021
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No, it’s not illegal to take cash for test strips. But there are some strips that can’t be sold….
Which Test Strips Are Illegal To Sell?

You can get cash for test strips but there are some that you cannot sell. Let’s take a look at which test strips you cannot involve in any kind of transaction.

You cannot sell test strips that were purchased by Medicare or Medicaid. It is illegal to sell those. As these test strips have been purchased by the federal government, you cannot extract profit from the government’s services. You can observe a red line on manufactured boxes that categorize them for welfare use. You cannot sell them.
You cannot make cash out of test strips that have been acquired illegally. This goes without saying but it is unethical to conduct any such transaction.
The third kind of test strips that you cannot sell are the ones that are expired. Also, if any test strips have been used previously, you must refrain from selling those as it is illegal and unethical. You have to be careful as you shouldn’t sell the test strips that have been opened up.

7 Diabetic Supplies That You Can Easily Sell
Why Should You Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips For Cash?

It’s an ongoing practice that people with diabetes (PWDs) receive free test strips or at a discounted price using Medicare and insurance services.

These people who are insured under private insurance or under a welfare program sell these test strips to companies and organizations or individuals online at still a lower price than retail price. The seller earns some cash and the buyer receives help with some discount, so both sides win, right?

For example, consider Michelle, a Californian woman who isn’t covered under any welfare program or health insurance due to obvious reasons. She was probably diagnosed with diabetes a year ago.

She would rather benefit from buying her test supplies online because of the discounted rate and savings. She realizes that she could buy strips and cover her medicine costs much cheaper than paying for health insurance.

Michelle spends about $80 for 100 test strips bought online through a company or individual. If she buys the same test strips at a medical store, she’d pay about $150 or more. Even if she has been sold a defective pack of strips online, she can anytime choose to move and find a new online supplier because paying full price for those test strips is just not an economic option.

Now, let’s take a look at why it’s better and in your favor to sell those unexpired diabetic supplies.
1. It’s Eco-friendly

Even if you’re not an environmentalist, you can contribute to lower your environmental impact by selling your old test strips for cash. Isn’t it a great deal? You save some cash as well as help make your surroundings better!

When you recycle your test strips by selling them further, you’re cutting down on waste that is manufactured as a side effect of packaging and logistics. Instead of throwing your strips in the garbage, you can put them to use by selling them further, helping yourself as well as the environment.
2. You Earn Quick Money

We all love some extra cash in our little piggy bank, don’t we? Especially, when you regularly spend monthly on your diabetic supplies, savings can make a huge impact in your life. When you don’t use your test strips especially when they look as new as if they’re just out of the box, it can be equal to throwing money away!

Selling your test strips for cash can put those unused supplies to use and earn you cash at home regularly without great hassle! You can save this money for a better investment in the future or use the money for home improvement and extra medical supplies.

At American Medical Surplus, we make it extremely easy for you to choose the brand, verify the details of your order and ship those strips to us. Keep reading as we have provided detailed instructions on how you can safely ship those strips to us and ensure that you get your money!

3. You’re Helping Those Who Can’t Afford Test Strips

Did you know that diabetes is the 7th most common cause of death in the United States? With such an enormous number of people living with a medical ailment, it is a huge question of who can or cannot afford diabetic supplies to treat themselves with medication.

Not everyone can afford diabetic supplies as they cost a fortune over a period of time. They can slice out a major portion of your savings! You can do a service to your fellow colleagues in your community or around the world by selling your diabetic supplies online.

When people receive equal treatment, the deaths can lower and possibly prevent the illness from growing and taking over entire lives. Your unused strips aren’t doing you any good but they can be a savior for uninsured people by selling them at a lesser cost than the market.
So, How Do You Sell Your Unused Test Strips?

The good news is that selling test strips is a very easy, painless, and simple process. You can only avail cash payment options if permitted.

First, you need to inform us of the number of boxes and strips you want to sell. You don’t have to cover any shipping or other costs associated with postage or administration. That’s on us 🙂
Then, we mail you a box for you to ship back. Once we receive your shipment of diabetic supplies, we pay you for your supplies the very same business day!

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