Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Diabetes is one such condition that can happen to almost anybody. And after you start dropping blood sugar levels, it is really hard to get it back on track where you are far away from any kind of threat and worry!

But what exactly causes this worrisome condition? What are the initial symptoms? Can it be avoided? Well, let’s answer all of those questions.

But before we go into that, it is critical that we understand the types of diabetes.
Diabetes Type 1:

This type of diabetes forces a person to take insulin at regular intervals. Here, the body lacks any kind of insulin production.
Diabetes Type 2:

This is the most common diabetes where although the body produces insulin it is not effective.

Increased urine levels
Unclear vision
Dry Mouth


Pancreas fail to produce insulin – this is a major reason for diabetes. And caused due to a combination of multiple inefficiencies.
Pancreas produces ineffective insulin – where while the pancreas does produce insulin, they are not as effective as they should be and hence, they are rejected.
The insulin levels are not enough – the levels are not enough, the scarcity leads to diabetes.
Extra weight in the belly – this is the most common reason that causes lifelong diabetes. Extra weight triggers the condition in the worst way possible.
Family History – DNA plays a crucial role in diabetes. Especially Type 2 Diabetes is caused due to a history of family patients.
PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
Age – after 45 years of age, insulin production takes its toll and hence one of the diabetes types is triggered.
Stationary Lifestyle – a stationary or sedentary lifestyle that involves little to no movement is the key to this condition. This lifestyle can trigger extra weight in the belly, accelerate aging & be home to multiple diseases. All this can come together to affect insulin production and blood sugar levels.

You Have Diabetes…Now What?

Well, getting the blood sugar levels intact is one thing that should always be your priority. And to do that you need to make use of diabetic test strips to monitor the levels.

The entire process requires consistent financial investment unless you have got great insurance and that covers everything. And if you have that, well, you’re one lucky person!

Because now you have an opportunity to make a healthy income out of it. You can use this money to manage your other medical expenses that will be required to keep your sugar levels in check.

In times of financial instability as the one that we’re facing due to the pandemic, every opportunity should be utilized to the fullest. And you should start off with selling your extra diabetic test strips. Before you raise your eyebrow in surprise; Yes, it is perfectly legal and acceptable by the government of the United States of America.

To give a perspective, people with medical insurance/medicare have the luxury of receiving diabetic test strips at reduced or basically negligible cost. They use the required strips and sell the extra/unwanted diabetic test strips.

They make decent money and also help people that are devoid of subsidized medicare.

You can take this opportunity to sell diabetic test strips and make a decent income out of them. Then utilize this income source to fund your other medical expenses.

Because diabetes is very persistent. And to get rid of it, you need to be persistent with diagnosis as well.
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